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Sale of concrete in Moscow with delivery

Due to the high quality of products, professional approach and moderate prices, PROM-BETON Production and Trade Company has been successfully working on the concrete production and sales market in Moscow and the Moscow region for 12 years. The best confirmation of this is more than 7,000 orders fulfilled. Concrete plants of the company can produce up to 120 cubic meter of high-quality concrete per hour, and its own fleet of 37 cars will deliver it to the appointed place and time. For regular and wholesale buyers there are various promotions and discounts! If you are looking for where to buy concrete with a delivery at a bargain price – please contact us!

The price of concrete

Prices for ready-mix concrete (Concrete Mix Ready) per cubic meter

Brand and class
Options (П, F, W) *
M100 B7,5 П3 F50 W2 54 $ 49 €
M150 B12,5 П4 F75 W4 58 $ 53 €
M200 B15 П4 F100 W4 60 $ 55 €
M250 B20 П4 F150 W4 61 $ 56 €
M300 B22,5 П4 F150 W6 63 $ 58 €
M350 B25 П4 F200 W8 65 $ 60 €
M400 B30 П5 F300 W12 69 $ 63 €
* Options: П -mobility, F – Frost resistance, W – Watertightness

How is the cost of concrete formed?

The cost is formed from several factors. One of them is a concrete brand (strength index), if you look at our price list with prices, you will see that the higher the grade of concrete, the higher its price. This is justified by the fact that as the strength of the mixture increases, the percentage of cement in the solution increases. Also the cost of a concrete mix can increase – delivery, the cost of transportation of finished products will depend on the distance of the object (from the plant).

Also at the final price of the product, influence – the voidness, quality and types of aggregate, the presence of various additives and plasticizers. If you order concrete in the winter, and the solution is laid at low temperatures in the frost, in this case the additional rise in price is due to the addition of antifreeze additives (PMD).

Why buying concrete from us – is it profitable?

Professional approach

We offer a wide range of goods and services related to the production of quality concrete (grade from M100 to M600) in full accordance with GOST and SNIP.

Quality control

Our specialists not only monitor the quality of the solution produced, but also strive to introduce the latest technologies into the technical process.

Well-established logistics

When buying concrete in our company, customers can safely rely on prompt delivery anywhere in Moscow and the Moscow region, with a guarantee of 100% safety of all its performance.


Our company produces concrete on the newest German and Turkish equipment – LIEBHERR and Elkon (Elkomix). This means that customers can buy products of better quality, quickly and at loyal prices.


We guarantee our customers – low prices, extremely accurate and fast calculation of the required volume, compliance with the chosen brand and filler, as well as the number of ordered products.

24 hours support

We provide comprehensive round-the-clock support for the delivery and installation of concrete at all stages of cooperation, from the choice of brand and filler, to the completion of all construction works.


Delivery of the mixture from the concrete plant to the building site at the time specified by the customer, and the control of vehicles during the movement on the GPS, guarantees compliance with the agreed terms by 100%.


We have our own production in Moscow and the region (5 RBU) with a capacity of 60 to 120 cubic3 meters per hour – this allows us to deliver to any region and maintain a loyal price policy.


We guarantee – quick calculation of the cost of the order with delivery within 5 minutes! Preparation of the contract and payment documents, drawing up and coordination of the delivery schedule for the products – on the day of circulation.


At the request of the buyer, we will calculate the load and prepare the solution according to the customer’s formula with the required composition. We carry out the necessary laboratory analyzes of the mixture with the issuance of the necessary certificates.

We have been selling concrete for 12 years!

Our company is the foundation for the success of your construction. You can order concrete from our factory in Moscow right now, and we will help to build not only your object, but also profitable business relations!

Call us for next day deliveries

Buy concrete and order the delivery of the finished mixture to your building site is very simple, just call +7 (495) 960-85-71, send an online application from the site, write to our e-mail prom-beton@bk.ru, or Just use the “Order a call” service and the sales manager will call you back within ten minutes.